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Common Holiday Plants That Are Toxic to Pets

It’s the time of year when mistletoe and poinsettias are in full bloom! And if you love the holiday season, you’re probably also a fan of these festive plants. But pet owners show know that there are some risks to decking their halls with certain holiday plants. Here’s a roundup of the holiday foliage that […]

How to Design a Stunning Holiday Tablescape

The holiday season is officially upon us, and it’s never too early to start decorating. Whether Thanksgiving is your favorite or you spend all year looking forward to New Year’s Eve, here’s how you can create a beautiful tablescape that celebrates the season. Choose the perfect spot. You don’t necessarily have to stick to the […]

Small-Space Hosting Tips for an Unforgettable Thanksgiving

Are you thinking about volunteering to host Thanksgiving in your apartment, but a little worried about being able to accommodate all your friends and family? Here are some tips and tricks to make your home more comfortable for the holiday gathering. Declutter your space. Minimalism is key when you’re hosting a large group in a relatively […]

Delicious Thanksgiving Pies That Aren’t Pumpkin

‘Tis the season to feast on the treats you look forward to all year long! With Thanksgiving right around the corner, now is the perfect time to start considering what those treats will be. If you’re already starting to tire of pumpkin everything, skip the pumpkin pie and try these recipes instead. Cranberry-Pear Pie [Baker by […]

The Best Houseplants for People Who Don’t Have Green Thumbs

Houseplants are more than just decor. They can boost your mood, filter your air, and even flavor your food. That being said, not everyone is a naturally gifted gardener. The good news is you don’t need a green thumb in order to keep these houseplants happy. Aloe. Aloe isn’t just beautiful, it’s also practical. Snap […]

Pumpkin Decorating DIYs That Are Anything but Basic

If the classic jack-o-lantern just doesn’t have enough flair for you, it’s not your only option. These DIY projects put a fresh spin on decorating Halloween pumpkins. Paint-Dipped Pumpkin: This one really couldn’t be easier. Scour the pumpkin patch for your favorite, and then bring it home and clean it with hot, soapy water and […]

Sip on These Equally Autumn-y Alternatives to the Pumpkin Spice Latte

Pumpkin spice latte (PSL) season began long before autumn actually arrived, so you might already be getting bored of the classic fall beverage. Instead of sipping on the same old drink all season long, try one of these alternatives—which are all just as festive! Golden Pumpkin Latte [Aaptiv]You might have noticed that turmeric is having […]

The Best Home Decor Colors for Fall

It’s finally the time of year when you can cozy up indoors with your pumpkin spice latte and watch the vibrant autumn leaves drift slowly to the ground. After the constant heat of summer, fall is a welcome reprieve for many—especially those who love sweater weather. Embrace the arrival of the season by revamping your […]

4 Ways to Anchor an Apartment Using Area Rugs

If you feel like your current decor is lacking a little something, maybe it’s one unifying element, something that ties everything else together. An area rug might be the perfect option for that anchor. Create a cohesive look by following these tips for decorating with area rugs. Pair bold with basic. If you can’t decide […]

5 Can’t-Fail Tricks to Make a Small Space Look Bigger

Square footage isn’t the only way to measure space. Two rooms with exactly the same footprint can look totally different to the eye depending on how they’re furnished. When your goal is to make a small space appear larger, enlist these expert tips. Amplify natural light. The sunnier a room, the more spacious it will […]