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The Best Online Shops for Fresh Houseplants

You’re probably trying to limit the amount of shopping you’re doing in-person right now, especially for non-essential stuff like houseplants. But just because houseplants aren’t as essential as groceries doesn’t mean they’re not important! If you want to keep growing your indoor garden, order houseplants and have them shipped right to your door, courtesy of […]

Taking Book Club Online: The Basics

So in-person book club meetings have been postponed indefinitely. That doesn’t mean it’s time to just drop your reading habit. You can still adjourn book club virtually until it’s safe to meet in person again. Follow these steps to host a flawless virtual book club. Pick your book. First things first: decide what you want […]

The Art of Planning a Picnic

It’s picnic season! Chances are you already have a favorite park nearby where you love to go for walks and catch some rays. Now’s the time to also make it your go-to picnic spot! Before you and your family step out for a meal in the fresh air, get everything together for your dreamy day […]

Add These Plants to Your Indoor Garden Before Fall

While there’s still ample sunshine to harness, cultivate these trendy houseplants. Coffee plant. True, it will take a few years for a coffee plant to grow fully mature beans, the kind you can grind and brew. But in the meantime, a coffee plant (you can grab one at Trader Joe’s) will certainly look cute on […]

How to Spend More Time Outdoors (Even If You’re Not Outdoorsy)

Right now, getting outside is one of the safest ways to spend some time away from your apartment. There’s just one problem: not everyone is interested in hiking or going for a run. If you’re more of an indoor person, here are a few traditionally indoorsy activities that you can take outside. Read a book. […]

Iced Coffee Concoctions to Keep You Cool and Caffeinated

A piping-hot cup of coffee is the perfect remedy for a chilly autumn morning, but when even the early hours are blazing hot, there’s only one thing to do: go for iced instead. Here are four frosty java drinks you can make at home. Classic Cold-Brew [AllRecipes]A bit of a coffee traditionalist? Keep it simple […]

How to Host the Ultimate At-Home Date Night

Spending so much time at home with your significant other might make you think every night is date night, but just because you’re together doesn’t mean you’re really connecting. In order to do that, it’s important to set aside time to specifically be together. Plan a special date night to let your SO know you […]

How to Create a Cooler Summer Bed

If you’re constantly kicking off the comforter to get some air, that might be a sign that you need a new comforter, or maybe new bedding altogether. Here’s what to look for if you want to update your bed for the warmer months. Breathable sheets. Start by investing in a cooler set of sheets. You […]

Summer Spritzers to Make Right Now

In search of a refreshing summer sip? These spritzers should do the trick. They all feature fresh summer fruits and are non-alcoholic—but you can feel free to spike them if you’re making a batch for happy hour! Grapefruit Lime Spritzer [How Sweet Eats]Grapefruit Italian soda stars in this fizzy beverage! Get started by lining the […]

The Best Ways to Exercise Outside This Summer

Now that summer has officially arrived, you can count on it being nice enough to get outside on a regular basis. That’s good news for your fitness routine, especially since you probably haven’t been able to hit the gym lately. Make the world your gym by exercising outside! Here are a few ideas about how […]