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Support Your Community at A Night to Benefit Shelters to Shutters at the SW Arts Club

One organization connected to the multifamily industry that is truly creating positive changes in our community is Shelters to Shutters, a nonprofit in Washington DC. Through the organization, more than 80 homeless residents of the community have found full-time employment and discounted housing. That's all thanks to dedicated staff who help to train and place […]


Build a Healthy Bowl at Cava Grill

If you think that healthy eating is boring, you've clearly never been to Cava Grill. This eatery makes nutritious fare fun, colorful, and fast, using an assembly-line approach that incorporates all different types of ingredients. It's the perfect spot for those with allergies (including gluten) or anyone who doesn't eat animal products. That's because you […]


Three Spring Food and Wine Festivals Worth Traveling For

With spring right around the corner, it's time to start planning your fair-weather activities. One of the biggest perks of the warmer temperatures is that you can head outside for fresh air festivals, especially food festivals. Here are a few of the country's top food festivals, some with the added bonus of wine and all […]


Hone Your Skills at the Portrait Painting Workshop with Hiu Lai Chong

Artist Hiu Lai Chong first started honing her talent in Hong Kong before traveling to the United States and embarking on a more formal path of training at The School of the Art Institute of Chicago. Armed with all the education and skills she needed, she began her career as a professional artist. With this […]


Get Geared Up for Spring with These Decorating Tips

Spring may feel as though it's a far way off, but the truth is it's actually right around the corner. That means you should start thinking about ways to get your apartment ready for the season. Here are a few quick tips that can brighten up your space just in time for spring showers. Add […]


Wine Wednesday: A Chance to Meet Other Tech Pros in Your Area

It’s one thing to know how important networking is, but it's another thing entirely to actually practice the act of networking. Meeting new people is the best way to open yourself up to opportunities, but it can’t happen unless you actually get out there and do it. This isn’t always the easiest thing to do […]


How to Maximize Light in Your Apartment on Those Too-Short Winter Days

The days are gradually growing longer, but there's still a long way to go until the sun stays out beyond your bedtime. If you've fallen victim to the winter blues, don't fear; there's something you can do. Change up the lighting scheme in your apartment to make each day—no matter how short—a little bit brighter. […]