Keep Cool This Summer With These Apartment-Cooling Hacks

July 12, 2017

With temperatures on the rise, you might be tempted to crank the AC. But if you don't have AC—or you just want to save some money—there are other ways to cool down. Here are three hacks that will help you keep cool without majorly upping your energy bill.

  1. DIY your own AC. There are a few ways you can enjoy the perks of AC while only using a fraction (or none) of the energy. One option is using salted ice and a fan. Simply fill a metal bowl with ice and salt, then aim the fan so that its streams of cool air cross the ice before they hit you. They'll carry the frosty chill of the ice with them, adequately cooling anything they touch. Another option relies on the summer breeze and a pair of thin curtains. If your curtain is made from a natural fabric such as linen or cotton, dip the ends in a bowl of water and allow the moisture to travel up the curtain. Then, when a breeze blows through the curtains, it will carry the coolness of the water through your apartment.
  2. Shut out the sun. It may seem counterintuitive to close the windows when you want to cool your home, but when the sun is at its peak during the day, this is actually a good idea. Keep the doors and windows closed, blinds pulled down (preferably light-colored blinds that don't hold the heat) until the evening falls. Once it's dark, you can open your windows and let the cooler air in.
  3. Conserve energy (and reduce heat). Some heat doesn't come from the sunshine but rather from your appliances. It's not just the oven and microwave that give off heat. The dishwasher, your TV, and even your computer generate heat. Turn off any lights or appliances you don't need during the day, and put off chores that require high-heat appliances until after the sun sets.

How will you be keeping cool this summer?

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