These 3 Houseplants Are Safe for Your Pet

July 27, 2017

If you love plants and you love your pet, choosing which greenery to incorporate into your apartment is an important decision. That's because pets tend to taste test (or at least sniff test) anything new that comes into the apartment, and since some plants are toxic to animals, this can be a huge problem. Here are three houseplants that you can bring home without fear of a potentially sick pup or cat.

  1. The African Violet. The African Violet requires a specific set of conditions, but when you keep it happy, its beautiful purple flowers blossom from January through December. Surrounded by sturdy green leaves, the pretty blooms can jazz up any room. What's more, you can actually buy African Violets that flower in shades other than purple. Just make sure that they have enough moisture to thrive, and bright (but not direct) sunlight.
  2. The Orchid. You might not think that a flower as fragile as an orchid would be a pet-friendly option, but it actually is as long as your dog or cat isn't so curious that she knocks it over. A good clue that orchids are non-toxic is that you often see them as the garnish on dinner plates or the rims of cocktail glasses. And despite their delicate state, orchids are relatively easy to keep alive. Simply place an ice cube (or two, depending on the size of the orchid) in the pot once weekly to give it adequate hydration.
  3. The Bromeliad. This is another colorful plant that won't harm your pet, and it's lower maintenance than any of the others on the list. It only requires a tiny bit of light and will hold up against neglect for a while before crying out for water. Plus, they're beautiful and come in different colors to brighten up any room in your apartment.

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