Organize Your Summer with These DIY Ideas

August 11, 2017

Looking to commemorate your summer travels, redecorate your space, or just get organized this season? Try crafting a few DIY projects. Here are three summertime DIY ideas to try.

  1. Road Trip Mail Bin. Did you embark on an adventurous road trip this summer? Or did you visit a state you'd never seen before? Commemorate the event by decorating your mail bin on your desk. A simple rectangular mail pocket hanging on the wall can be easily embellished with a license plate from your new favorite state. Simply affix the license plate to the front of the bin using either a hot glue gun or screws.
  2. Vacation Souvenir Jars. When you collect seashells from the beach or smooth river stones from a national park, they may seem like a fun memento of your trip at the time, but they tend to eventually get lost in the mayhem of your junk drawer. Keep them on display until next summer in simple eight-ounce clear jars, like the $3 Container Store jars used in this tutorial. Label the jars with not only their content but also the date and place that they were collected.
  3. BBQ Station. If you're firing up the grill all summer long, it's a good idea to create a BBQ station so that you have everything on-hand when you need it. Martha Stewart suggests using a lattice panel to hang your grilling utensils, cooking mitts, and common condiments like olive oil, but even a bin with mason jars inside can do the job.

What will you be crafting this summer?

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