How to Maintain a Fitness Regimen During the Winter

December 21, 2017

Having trouble maintaining your fitness routine as the winter progresses? You're not alone. As the mercury plummets, the thought of braving the elements in the name of fitness becomes less and less appealing, especially when your current status is snuggled under blankets with cup of cocoa. Read on for a few tricks to help you stay motivated.

1) Try something new. If your favorite running or bicycling trail is buried under layers of snow or ice, you might need to find a different way to break a sweat. You could scoop up a gym membership, of course, but don't overlook activities like cross-country skiing or hiking. Even sledding can be a fun way to burn some calories!

2) Layer up. Don't forget to adapt your gear to the elements. That means dressing in layers, with a preference for synthetic materials over cotton (synthetics wick moisture away from the skin at a much faster rate). Be sure to wear gloves, thick socks, and a hat, as your extremities are more prone to frostbite during outdoor workouts. If you'll be exercising at night, wear reflective clothing.

3) Stay safe. Even though it's cold out, you still need to stay hydrated, so fill up that water bottle. And if you're venturing out alone, let a buddy know where you're headed and when you expect to return home.

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