Turn Your Apartment’s Outdoor Space Into a Private Getaway. Here’s How!

June 28, 2018

'Tis the season to start hanging out on the balcony on a nightly basis. But when your balcony backs up right to your neighbors, it's hard to get that solitude you crave after a long day at the office. Transform your patio into a secluded oasis with one of these simple tweaks.

  1. Hang curtains. Stores like Walmart and Target boast a large selection of outdoor curtains that can withstand the elements, along with easy-to-install rods from which to hang them. The added bonus of using curtains is that you can pull them back when you feel like chatting with your neighbors or letting some fresh air circulate.
  2. Add a chic screen. Screens are also a nice temporary fix to the problem of not enough privacy. Whether you purchase a screen or DIY a rustic version out of upcycled shutters, you can use that screen to create a boundary around the perimeter of your balcony to improve the sense of privacy.
  3. Plant some greenery. When you want to bring some nature into your space, use plants as a barrier between yourself and the outside world. You can purchase a lattice and plant vines or dangle hanging plants from a wooden grid to create a wall of greenery between you and your neighbors.
  4. Try faux hedges. Not sure you'll be able to keep your plant wall alive? The opt for fake hedges instead. These rectangular hedges look just like the real thing and act like a fence along the edges of your balcony.

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