How to Make Your Cozy Apartment Kitchen Look Bigger

August 20, 2018

Living in a rental comes with many perks, from the amenities to the round-the-clock maintenance, but it can also present a challenge or two, depending on how you look at things. You could think of the limited space in your kitchen as a con—or consider it an opportunity to get creative and use design tricks to make it look bigger. Here are a few to try.

  1. Choose a neutral color palette. There's a reason that white kitchens are trending right now. All-white everything makes a space look much bigger instantly. Although you probably can't make permanent changes to your kitchen's color scheme, you can opt for accents (like small appliances) in a single neutral hue to make the space look bigger.
  2. Forgo the curtains. You want natural light to freely flood your kitchen and open up the room, so ditch the curtains altogether. This will make your kitchen feel much airier and more spacious. If you're committed to curtains, opt for gauzy window treatments that allow plenty of light to stream through.
  3. Add a mirror. Even if you don't have windows in your kitchen, you can create the illusion of extra space by hanging a mirror over your sink—or anywhere that you have room. If you do have windows, position the mirror somewhere where it will reflect natural light.
  4. Try open shelving. Open shelving not only makes your kitchen feel larger, it also encourages you to keep the room organized and tidy. And since clutter can contribute to a claustrophobic feeling in your kitchen, open shelving pulls double-duty in terms of making your space feel bigger.

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