No-Damage Ways to Add Color to a Rental

August 27, 2018

Does your apartment feel a bit drab? There's a simple way to spruce it up without leaving any trace behind when you move out: add some temporary color. Here's how to bring the bright hues without doing any damage.

  1. Funky art pieces. Use temporary adhesive hooks to string up a bright piece of artwork or a tapestry in a room that's in need of some color. Shop local flea markets or thrift stores to find unique pieces that fit within your budget.
  2. Temporary wallpaper. If you want to create an accent wall, you can do so without any paint. Try temporary wallpaper, which simply sticks to the wall and peels right off when you move out. It comes in a huge array of colors and patterns to suit your style.
  3. Unexpected accents. Bring the brighter colors to your bedroom by adding some fresh bedding. Toss a vibrant throw pillow or blanket over your couch to spruce up the living room. Add a pair of colorful candlesticks to your dining room centerpiece. With some ingenuity, small accents can have a big impact.
  4. Plenty of plants. Maybe your apartment is missing one color: green. Bring the greenery by sprinkling some faux or real succulents around your home.

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