Smart and Savvy Ways to Add Storage Using Shelves

August 7, 2018

Are you struggling to find extra storage space in your rental? You're not alone. Entire websites exist to provide inspiration for renters with limited space. One simple and creative way to instantly increase your storage space? Just add shelves. Here are four ways to do it.

  1. Create a storage wall. If you find knick-knacks or books starting to take over the surfaces in your living room, pick a wall and make it your "storage" wall. Add some easy-to-install floating shelves that match your decor and stow these odds ends on them.
  2. Use floating shelves for display. Maybe it's not odds and ends, but rather important mementos and framed photos that fill your home. In this case, put them on display. Install just one or two floating shelves and stash them in a place where you can always appreciate them.
  3. Add function and flair to your kitchen. If you have limited cabinet space, consider open shelving in the kitchen. Stack your favorite plates or line up jars of spices and herbs along the shelves. The open shelving makes a statement and is also super functional.
  4. Install shelves in lieu of nightstands. You can even use shelves in your bedroom to beef up storage space. Forgo typical nightstands, which eat up vertical space, and instead install floating shelves on either side of your bed. Or keep the nightstands and hang some longer shelves above the headboard (or in place of a headboard) for books, electronics storage, and whatever else you need.

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