Back-to-School Tips for a Stress-Free School Year

September 10, 2018

With the new school year in full swing, a cloud of stress may have already descended upon your home. But there's no need to panic. If you follow a few simple organizational tips, you'll have a much easier time getting the kids up and out of the door in the morning.

  1. De-stress the breakfast routine. Everyone knows that breakfast is the most important meal of the day—and also the one that fuels kids until lunch. However, getting them to eat it can be a challenge, especially if you're throwing together something last-minute. Make-ahead a healthy option, like lightly sweetened baked oatmeal or scrambled egg "muffins." They'll be easy to grab and kids will love them.
  2. Get the lunch ingredients together. Another major source of school-year stress is packing lunch. It's hard enough to find a healthy meal that your child will actually eat, and then to actually create it takes time. Save precious minutes by stowing your go-to ingredients (deli meat, mayo, etc.) in a basket in the fridge that you can easily grab when it comes time to make lunches.
  3. Create a homework station. Your kids will probably need most of the same materials each evening to complete their homework. So instead of digging for the right supplies, design a "homework station." It can be as simple as a desk drawer or something larger. Stock it with pencils, markers, crayons, paper, and anything else your youngster could need.
  4. Pack the backpack at night. If your kids rush around in the morning trying to find everything they need for school that day, the entire household is going to feel the stress. Encourage your little ones to pack their backpacks the night before and help them as needed.

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