How to Keep Produce Fresher Longer

September 18, 2018

If you've ever opened your fridge fully expecting to find salad fixings, only to encounter a produce drawer full of wilted greens, then you understand the disappointment that comes with wasting produce. Wasted food is wasted money, and it's inconvenient to have to run out for fresh ingredients. Keep your fruits and veggies fresher for longer by following these tips.

  1. Know how to separate produce. Not all fruits and veggies play well with each other. Some emit ethylene, a gas that makes produce ripen faster, and others are extra-sensitive to the ethylene. Keep these two types of foods separate to maintain freshness longer. For instance, apples, bananas, and avocados (ethylene-producers) should all stay away from squash and brussels sprouts (ethylene-sensitive veggies.
  2. Refrigerate only as necessary. A common misconception about produce is that it's always happier (and fresher) when you keep it in the fridge. In fact, some fruits and vegetables spoil faster in cold temperatures. Keep produce such as peaches, watermelons, tomatoes, avocados, and bananas on the counter at room temperature.
  3. Enlist specialized containers. Remember the rundown of ethylene-producing produce? If you're concerned about the effect it's having on your other fresh foods, stow your fruits and veggies in special containers designed to filter out the ethylene. You can find them online at sites like Amazon.
  4. Make sure fruits and veggies stay dry. If you like to meal prep well in advance, there's one step you should leave until just before eating: washing your produce. Delicate items like berries and mushrooms will wilt and spoil if you wash them days before you actually eat them.

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