Spice Up Your Decor With These Autumn Decorating Tips

September 14, 2018

Fall is the perfect time to hole up in your apartment with a warm cup of pumpkin spice coffee and watch the leaves begin to change color. But before you snuggle up on the couch, make sure your home is a cute and comfy spot to hibernate. Follow these autumn decorating tips to transform your abode into a fall-inspired oasis.

  1. Add harvest-themed elements. Since autumn is the time of harvest, it makes sense to bring in pieces of decor that evoke the harvest. Hang rustic wreaths, fill vases with dried lavender and flowers, and go heavy on the gourds and pumpkins.
  2. Cozy up with throw blankets and pillows. The softer your couch, the better. Get the sofa—and your other seating—ready for fall by packing it with extra throw pillows and blankets dressed in heavy, comfy fabrics and textures.
  3. Bring the fall scents. Okay, so candles aren't technically "decor." But whether you diffuse essential oils or burn candles, a nice pumpkin spice aroma will really add something to your home. Find a cold-weather scent you love and spread it throughout your home this fall.
  4. DIY a new centerpiece. Don't forget about your dining room when you revamp your apartment for fall! Create a centerpiece vignette out of mini pumpkins, autumn florals, and any other natural elements you like in order to jazz up your dining room table.
  5. Design a dreamy bed. Without the summer sunshine beckoning to you outside, you might be tempted to sleep in during the fall. Give in to that temptation—even embrace the extra sleep—by revamping your bed. Layer it with extra pillows, blankets, and a thick down comforter to transform it into the ultimate autumn retreat.

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