Daylight Saving Time Is Ending: Survive the Switch

October 29, 2018

When cooler temperatures roll in, you might be tempted to cuddle up in your apartment and hibernate for the winter. But there is another option. You can continue to go about your daily routine and enjoy the great outdoors, much like you did during the summer. Here are a few ways to make the switch to shorter days a little bit easier.

  1. Make the most of the remaining sunshine. The daylight hours may be fewer, but they’re still there. You just have to shift your schedule to capitalize on sunshine. Start getting up an hour earlier to soak up some extra rays and enjoy a cup of coffee or invest in a light therapy device, which mimics the warm shades of the sun.

  2. Try meditation. If you’re having a hard time sticking to your normal sleep routine when Daylight Saving Time ends, the problem may be mounting anxiety as your vitamin D levels start to drop. Stave off the cold-weather anxiety by taking up meditation. Use an app or Google a video to learn the basics of meditation.

  3. Embrace regular exercise. Another way to keep your sleep cycle in check is to stick to a typical exercise routine. Whether you head outside in the morning and make the most of that early-morning sunshine or hit the gym, daily exercise helps to ensure that you’re drowsy enough to get to sleep at night.

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