How to Adapt Your Fitness Routine to the Fall Season

October 9, 2018

Now that autumn is in full swing, you’re probably tempted to throw on your coziest cardigan and just stay indoors for a few months. But if you’re a fitness fanatic, there is another way. You can stick to your regular exercise routine—even if you like to exercise outdoors—with these fitness tips.

  1. Grab warmer workout gear. Before you step outside for a run, there’s one key change you have to make: your workout wardrobe. Add warm layers of clothing, crafted from sweat-wicking materials, so that you can stay cozy and dry as you torch calories. Don’t forget a hat and a pair of gloves, too.

  2. Take your fitness routine indoors. If you decide the cold temperatures are too much for you to handle, stay active by taking your workout indoors. Take this as an opportunity to try a new fitness class you’ve been interested in checking out, like hot yoga or a spin class.

  3. Stay hydrated along the way. Whether you exercise outdoors or inside, there’s one thing you always need to remember when you work out: it’s important to stay hydrated. It’s hard to forget about drinking water when the summer sun is beating down on you, but it’s much easier in the chill of fall. Make sure you’re still drinking water throughout your autumn workout even if you don’t feel thirsty.

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