Holiday Entertaining Tips for Small Spaces

November 26, 2018

Some people are born with an innate talent for hosting—others, not so much. But it really doesn’t matter which category you fall into. Either way, you’re totally equipped to host a holiday party. You might just need some extra guidance if you’re not a naturally gifted host. Before you welcome guests into your home for the holidays, follow these tips for a stress-free hosting experience.

  1. Plan a simple menu. If you love to cook, you might be tempted to try a bunch of new recipes at your holiday party. But you should resist the urge to use your party guests as guinea pigs. You never know how a new recipe is going to turn out, and if it bombs, that could derail your entire evening. Keep the party menu short and simple, and stick to recipes you know well. 

  2. Rearrange the furniture. When it’s just you and a few friends in your apartment, the everyday layout of your furniture probably works just fine. But when your house guests number in the double digits, feel free to get creative. Rearrange the furniture to allow for conversation, ensuring that seating is ample and not too spread out. Tuck away any non-functional furniture in a spare room or your bedroom to free up space in the living areas.

  3. Create more seating and table space. Speaking of seating, you might want to add some extra to your apartment. The holidays are an appropriate time to break out the folding chairs and scatter them wherever you can find room. The same goes for table space, which is at a premium during a holiday party. Card tables and foldable TV trays are your best friends as a host.

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