Stress Relief Tips for the Holidays

December 11, 2018

The holiday season is a time to gather with family around the tree, to go ice-skating and caroling, to crank up the festive tunes and sing along. But it’s also a time to brave the crowds at the mall, bake a few dozen different holiday cookies, and catch up with your entire extended family. Needless to say, you might be starting to feel a bit stressed by the time New Year’s Eve rolls around. These stress-busting techniques will help you get back to savoring the holiday season.

  1. Stick to a (mostly) normal routine. When you’re busier than usual, your daily routine probably crumbles. You don’t get to the gym as much, you grab whatever’s on hand to eat, and you spend less time on the hobbies you love. Since exercise, diet, and free time (or lack thereof) all factor into your stress levels, try not to stray too far from the norm. Exercise as much as you can, eat fresh fruits and veggies, and take time to read or indulge other hobbies.

  2. Pencil in downtime when possible. On the same note, make sure your schedule isn’t totally devoid of downtime. Between the holiday parties and gift shopping, it’s probably going to get harder to find some “you time.” But it’s not impossible, you just have to work a little harder at it. Set aside at least a few hours of downtime each week to allow yourself to decompress.

  3. Don’t worry about perfection. It might be tempting to tweak the lights on the tree until they’re absolutely perfect, but don’t. Don’t agonize over the menu for your holiday party, either, or stay up at night worrying about what to get your Secret Santa. Perfection is unattainable, so don’t try to attain it. Enjoy the fun parts of the holiday season and forget about any snafus.

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