Swanky Champagne-Free New Year’s Eve Cocktails

December 19, 2018

Champagne cocktails are so 2018. Usher in the new year with these unique and fizzy drinks that are as surprising as they are sparkling.

Spiced Cherry Spritz [Bon Appetit]
Lambrusco stars as the fizzy red replacement for champagne in this spiced cherry spritz. The sparkling wine mingles with classic Italian amaro to create the base of the festive cocktail, capped off with a splash of cherry soda and a single maraschino cherry to add a bit of flair. It’s the perfect sweet treat for anyone who loves red wine.

Sparkling White Cranberry Sangria [The Kitchn]
This sweet and colorful sangria basically looks like the holiday season in a glass. Its base of rum, chardonnay, white cranberry juice, and club soda creates a pristine white canvas for the medley of vibrant mix-ins. The extras include diced red and green apple, frozen (or fresh) cranberries, and a twist of lemon. Pair this sparkling holiday sangria with your favorite festive dessert or a savory snack!

Mama’s Little Helper [Food Network]
You don’t have to be a parent to appreciate this refreshing and simple cocktail! Chilled seltzer water gives the Mama’s Little Helper its signature sparkle, while a shot of gin brings a boozy bite. But don’t worry, because a splash of simple syrup helps to balance out that bite, along with the tart-sweet flavor of fresh lime juice. Mix everything together and garnish it with a slice of fresh cucumber, then enjoy this sweet and fizzy cocktail.

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