Get the Designer Look: Coffee Tables

January 14, 2019

Your coffee table is more than just a catch-all. It’s an opportunity to make a stylish statement right in the heart of your living room. Here are a few ways to revamp your coffee table.

  1. Artfully stack books. If you have your favorite novels tucked away on a bookshelf somewhere, put them on full display in the living room. Create a focal point by stacking a few of your favorite books at the center of your coffee table—whether or not they have photos for guests to peruse.

  2. Find a stylish tray. Your coffee table shouldn’t be strictly a dumping ground for odds and ends—but that doesn’t mean it can’t offer both function and style. Find a chic tray and use it to collect the few items that do occasionally get dropped on the coffee table, perhaps with a vase or a candle for added flair.

  3. Use the rule of three. When creating a vignette atop your coffee table, don’t forget the classic interior design rule of three. Create three stacks of books or gather a cluster of three decorative items to really draw the eye.

  4. Embellish with vibrant greenery. If you love plants almost as much as you love the minimalist look, keep your coffee table simple. Decorate it with a few of your favorite succelents in planters that reflect your style instincts.

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