Veggies to Enjoy in Spring — and How to Eat Them

April 3, 2019

Spring is the season of new life, and that includes veggies ripe for the reaping. From asparagus to spinach, tons of vegetables are in season during the spring months. That means you’ll be seeing more of them, probably a few local options, at your grocery store. Pick up some farm-fresh ingredients and try these seasonally inspired recipes.

Artichoke Risotto with Capocollo and Pecorino [Saveur]
Artichokes spring up this time of year, so impress your dinner guests with this elegant artichoke risotto. Once you clean and trim the artichokes, you create a velvety artichoke puree that eventually creates that creamy risotto texture when added to the rice. Pecorino Romano and capocollo provide the final punch of flavor.

Shaved Raw Asparagus with Parmesan Dressing [Food & Wine]
Grilled, steamed, broiled—there are lots of ways to enjoy asparagus. But have you ever considered eating it raw? This recipe calls for shaved raw asparagus, creating a crisp and unique type of salad. Toss it in a simple homemade parmesan cheese vinaigrette, complete with a squeeze of lemon juice, for a tart-savory taste.

Pasta Shells with Spring Vegetables [MyRecipes]
If you can’t pick just one spring veggie to enjoy, try this recipe. It incorporates asparagus, radishes, and sugar snap peas into a gourmet version of pasta salad. The pasta is dressed simply, with a bit of lemon juice and olive oil, and topped with ricotta cheese and pea tendrils. It’s a surprisingly simple combination that only looks fancy, so it’s perfect for a backyard barbecue or potluck.

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