What Renters Should Know About Living With a Pet

April 24, 2019

Just because you’re renting doesn’t mean you can’t invite a furry friend into your home. Many rental communities allow dogs and cats—and they can make truly great companions. Before you take the plunge and adopt, follow these steps.

  1. Know the ins and outs of your lease. Of course, it’s essential to first check that your community allows for pets. This will probably already be obvious if your neighbors regularly stroll around with their pups. However, if you’re not sure, look at your lease. Even pet-friendly communities often charge a monthly fee for a furry roommate, which is something important to keep in mind.

  2. Touch base with your roommates. If you live with roommates or a significant other, clue them into what you’re thinking before you start puppy-shopping. It’s important to make sure everyone in the household is on board with a new roommate in order to introduce your pet into a welcoming atmosphere.

  3. Gather all the necessary supplies. If everyone in your home gives the green light on the new pet, start by getting everything set up for him. Pick up a pet bed, some treats, a carrier, and a few toys, along with essentials like food and a collar.

  4. Scout out pet-friendly spots nearby. New pups need plenty of time outdoors and socializing, so try to find a few dog-friendly spaces near your home before you adopt. Look for dog parks, dog-friendly restaurant patios, and doggy daycares if you’ll need some extra help caring for your canine.

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