Must-Know Tips for Styling an Apartment Patio or Balcony

May 2, 2019

Outdoor space is a hot commodity among renters, so when you’re lucky enough to snag some, you shouldn’t let it go to waste. No matter how small or spacious your balcony is, you can still put it to good use if you’re willing to get creative. Follow these tips to maximize your outdoor space.

  1. Pick multi-functional furniture. Whenever you’re decorating a small space, you always want to focus first on furniture that can pull double-duty. This rule also applies to small patios or balconies. For instance, choose a table that opens up to reveal extra storage for throw blankets or gardening supplies.

  2. Get into greenery. Speaking of gardening supplies, your outdoor space won’t feel much like an oasis without some plants. You can choose just how hard you want to go with the greenery, from a few potted plants to hanging flowerboxes draped over every inch of your balcony railing. The plants will bring some life and color to your space.

  3. Add extra seating, but not too much. In cramped quarters, you might only have room for two or three proper chairs, but that doesn’t mean you’re limited to having that many friends over for an al fresco dinner. Grab a few throw pillows or small ottomans as makeshift seating for extra friends—just make sure the balcony or patio doesn’t get too cluttered, and that’ there’s a clear path to the exit.

  4. Invest in your privacy. When you’re dealing with a smaller balcony, making room for partitions or privacy screens might not seem like a big priority. And if you’re not directly next to a neighbor’s outdoor space, it probably isn’t. But when you want to escape daily life and just kick back, you’ll be happy to have a screen in place to separate you from the folks next door. Plus, such screens typically don’t take up much room, anyway.

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