Easy Green Living Tips for Renters

July 23, 2019

Just because you can’t add solar panels to your roof as a renter doesn’t mean you’re totally out of options when it comes to going green. There are lots of ways you can preserve Mother Earth without any drastic changes to your home, like the following approaches.

  1. Swap your light bulbs. This might be the simplest way to move toward a more eco-friendly existence. LEDs and CFLs both use less energy than traditional bulbs, and they’re available just about anywhere. You can do a bit of research online to choose between LEDs or CFLs, or simply go with the most cost-effective option (LED bulbs are more expensive).

  2. Opt for eco-friendly cleaning products. The products you use to wipe down the kitchen counter or clean the bathroom mirror can have a detrimental impact on the earth if they contain air- or water-polluting chemicals. So instead, make your own cleaners using natural ingredients like vinegar and water, or opt for an eco-friendly storebought brand such as Green Works.

  3. Try energy-saving power strips. When you leave certain electronics plugged in, they’ll slowly suck up energy even if they’re not in use. This isn’t just a waste of natural resources, it’s also a waste of your money. Invest in a few power strips that are specially designed to combat this problem and power down electronics when they’re not being used.

  4. Go paperless (or mostly paperless). If you’re still receiving paper bills, then you’re behind the times. Most utility companies, banks, and other organizations will send you electronic versions of items that you used to get in the mail, like bills and bank statements. It’s usually easy to just log into your online account and opt for paperless bill.

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