Essential Items for Your Very First Apartment

July 26, 2019

If you’re a brand-new renter, welcome! Living in your own place for the first time can be super exciting—and totally daunting. But it doesn’t have to be. If you move in with these essentials already on hand, the transition should be easy.

  1. Silverware, small appliances, and other kitchen basics. If you’re used to living somewhere that supplies the silverware (AKA, your parents’ home), now’s the time to invest in your own set. Also make sure you have any smaller appliances that aren’t included in your rental, like a toaster and a microwave, and other basics for the kitchen (think cups, mugs, paper towels, etc).

  2. Bedding and linens. If you only have a single set of sheets, maybe it’s time to splurge on a second now that you’re officially adulting. You should also stock up on some fluffy towels that match and maybe even upgrade your comforter set or bedspread to complement your new pad. If you now have a guest room, don’t forget to outfit that bed, too.

  3. Fresh pieces of furniture. You might have to wait until you actually move in to discover what types of furniture you’re missing. After you have your boxes unpacked, survey your new home and see if there are any holes. Maybe you need some more seating in the living room or a larger table to accommodate dining. Start searching for the perfect pieces as soon as you notice anything lacking.

  4. Decor (and the necessary accessories). Once you have all the essentials, there’s just one thing left to do: decorate! You probably already have some home decor that you’ve compiled over the years, but now that you’re in your own space, this is a chance to really unleash your inner interior designer and go all out to embellish your home. Make sure you have renter-friendly tools for hanging things, too, like removable adhesive strips and hooks.

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