Safety Tips for Outdoor Summer Workouts

August 5, 2019

When the sun is shining outside, forcing yourself to hit the treadmill indoors probably feels pretty impossible. But with that sunshine comes summer temperatures, and they can be dangerous if you don’t take the proper precautions when exercising outdoors. Make sure you follow these tips.

  1. Drink fluids constantly. Just because you’re not thirsty doesn’t mean your body is adequately hydrated. Thirst alerts you to the fact that you’re already dehydrated—you want to avoid getting to this point, especially when you’re sweating excessively. In order to do so, make sure you have a couple of glasses of water pre-workout, at least a gulp or two every 15 minutes during your workout, and a few more once you’re done.

  2. Dress for the weather. Just like you bundle up when you run outside during the cooler months, you should dress for the hot weather this time of year. Opt for lightweight, moisture-wicking clothing that will help keep you cool and dry even as you sweat your way through a jog.

  3. Work out earlier (or later). It’s impossible to avoid the summer heat entirely, but you can choose times of day that are cooler for your fitness session. Try getting up at dawn, when the sun is just peeking over the horizon, to knock out your workout early. Or if you’re more of a night owl, wait until the sun begins to sink and temperatures drop with it.

  4. Don’t ignore signs of heat exhaustion. If you suddenly start to feel sluggish or woozy during your outdoor workout, don’t write off these cues as nothing. They could be the earliest signs of heat exhaustion. So make sure that you’re listening to your body and its signals, and cut your run short if you think you might be experiencing heat exhaustion.

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