4 Ways to Anchor an Apartment Using Area Rugs

September 17, 2019

If you feel like your current decor is lacking a little something, maybe it’s one unifying element, something that ties everything else together. An area rug might be the perfect option for that anchor. Create a cohesive look by following these tips for decorating with area rugs.

  1. Pair bold with basic. If you can’t decide between a simple and neutral rug or a bright, patterned piece, don’t. Layer your rugs and choose both. Start with a larger basic rug, something in a beige or white hue, and add the smaller, bolder rug on top.

  2. Add rugs in unexpected places. When you think of area rugs, you’re probably thinking about the living room or bedroom. But what about the kitchen or dining room? These are both great places to toss bright, patterned runners if you want to bring some whimsy to the space.

  3. Let the rug dictate your color scheme. If you find a rug you really love and want it to be the focal point of the apartment, design the rest of your decor around it. Pull colors from the rug and decorate in those hues, or even try to match patterns. This will really make it feel like the rug anchors your entire space.

  4. Go vertical. For the extra adventurous decorator, there is one more option when it comes to area rugs. Instead of spreading them out along the floor, hang them like a tapestry on the wall. Of course, this approach will only work if you find a bold, patterned rug that’s worthy of the spotlight.

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