5 Can’t-Fail Tricks to Make a Small Space Look Bigger

September 6, 2019

Square footage isn’t the only way to measure space. Two rooms with exactly the same footprint can look totally different to the eye depending on how they’re furnished. When your goal is to make a small space appear larger, enlist these expert tips.

  1. Amplify natural light. The sunnier a room, the more spacious it will appear. So if you have a few large windows, make sure you don’t weigh them down with heavy drapes or blinds. Instead, opt for sheer panels that allow as much light to shine through as possible.

  2. Add mirrors. Another way to increase the light in a room is to hang a few mirrors. They automatically enhance existing sunshine by doubling it. They’re even more effective if you’re able to hang them directly across from a window that gets a lot of sun!

  3. Go neutral. Light, muted colors tend to work better when it comes to opening up a space as opposed to dark, bold hues. This is especially true for larger pieces, like your couch or an area rug. Opt for beiges, whites, and tans when it comes time to make big purchases.

  4. Declutter. If you’re into knick-knacks, you’re about to receive some disappointing news. The more stuff you cram into a space, the smaller it looks. Do your best to pare down your belongings to the bare essentials, and keep your home as tidy as possible, with everything in its proper place, to make it look larger.

  5. Use multipurpose furniture. One great way to reduce clutter is to buy pieces of furniture that double as storage. For instance, instead of a traditional coffee table, try a trunk where you can stow your throw blankets and extra pillows. You can also add ottomans that not only provide extra seating, but also open up to reveal even more storage.

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