The Best Home Decor Colors for Fall

September 30, 2019

It’s finally the time of year when you can cozy up indoors with your pumpkin spice latte and watch the vibrant autumn leaves drift slowly to the ground. After the constant heat of summer, fall is a welcome reprieve for many—especially those who love sweater weather. Embrace the arrival of the season by revamping your apartment in its honor! Try decorating with these autumn-inspired color palettes.

  • Natural hues. Take your design cues directly from Mother Nature and simply look out the window for your new color scheme. Drench your home in accents that feature the same shades as the changing leaves—bright yellows, rich crimsons, and blazing oranges. Whether it’s a few new throw pillows or a fresh piece of furniture, just a pop or two of these bring colors will bring the fall vibes.

  • Neutral tones. Prefer more muted shades in your home? Then introduce some new neutral pieces. Perhaps a cream-toned throw blanket will become your go-to cozy accent this autumn, or maybe a new beige ottoman will inspire you to curl up on the couch with a good book and a cup of coffee. 

  • Shades of blue. Cool blues look great at any time of year, but specific shades really work well for fall. Gray-tinged blues will remind you of delightfully dreary fall days, when you feel totally justified kicking back with a bowl of soup and your favorite Netflix show, while richer royal blue will add a dash of decadence to your abode.

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