How to Design a Stunning Holiday Tablescape

November 26, 2019

The holiday season is officially upon us, and it’s never too early to start decorating. Whether Thanksgiving is your favorite or you spend all year looking forward to New Year’s Eve, here’s how you can create a beautiful tablescape that celebrates the season.

  1. Choose the perfect spot. You don’t necessarily have to stick to the dining room table when it comes to designing a tablescape. Pick the spot where you’ll enjoy your decor the most (and where you have the most space). This could be a mantel or a coffee table—or it could be the traditional dining room table!

  2. Start with what you have. If you already have a centerpiece or a vignette that you keep out year-round, use it as the foundation for your holiday centerpiece. For example, if you keep a stack of photography books on the coffee table, simply swap them out with a few seasonally themed reads. Or if you usually display candles in hurricane vases, free up some space for holiday extras.

  3. Add one or two holiday elements. Those “extras” depend on what part of the season you want to accentuate. If you’re all about autumn, add a cute Thanksgiving turkey or other fall pieces. If you’re anxiously awaiting the first snowfall, fill your hurricane vases with holly, pine cones, and a few faux snowflakes. Feel free to just add one or two items that evoke the holiday if you want a less 

  4. Keep it simple with natural touches. Speaking of snowflakes, you can always turn to Mother Nature for inspiration if you’re having trouble coming up with a centerpiece idea. Pick your favorite holiday, and then let the natural elements associated with that time of year be your guide. From snowflakes and icicles to ruby-red apples and crunchy autumn leaves, you can never go wrong with outdoorsy touches.

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