Small-Space Hosting Tips for an Unforgettable Thanksgiving

November 11, 2019

Are you thinking about volunteering to host Thanksgiving in your apartment, but a little worried about being able to accommodate all your friends and family? Here are some tips and tricks to make your home more comfortable for the holiday gathering.

  1. Declutter your space. Minimalism is key when you’re hosting a large group in a relatively small space, so make sure you clear out anything you don’t need long before guests start to arrive. This might include pieces of furniture that impede the flow of traffic and offer no extra seating, or maybe just knick-knacks scattered across surfaces that could be used for appetizers.

  2. Repurpose pieces of furniture. Before you totally oust everything from your living room and dining room, stop and think about the other ways you might be able to use the items. For instance, a coffee table could serve as a buffet, or a wide end table could potentially extend your dining room table. If you need extra seating, folding chairs always work!

  3. Plan your menu accordingly. A smaller space means a smaller table—and therefore, smaller dishes. The whole Thanksgiving turkey might not be in the cards, but you could cook a smaller bird or try an alternative, like a turkey breast. You also might want to cut casserole recipes in half, which should free up some space on the table for a wider variety of bites. 

  4. Keep decor simple. Don’t go overboard with Thanksgiving decor, either. In the case of a small space, too many decorations just fall under the “clutter” category. Instead, opt for nothing more than a simple centerpiece—maybe some tea lights with small gourds scattered in between. This will add a bit of ambiance, but not at the expense of space.

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