DIY Projects You Can Complete in an Hour or Less

January 10, 2020

Looking for your next DIY project? Look no further. These easy-to-make pieces of home decor can all be crafted in an hour flat with just a handful of materials.

Burlap Message Board [Girl in the Garage]
Create a cute space to leave messages with just three items: a corkboard, burlap, and decorative brass tacks. You should be able to find all of them at your local craft store. Simply cut the burlap to fit the corkboard with about three inches of extra material on each side, then iron the burlap if it’s wrinkly. Pull it tightly across the board and staple it down along the hidden edges. Then line the front of the board’s edges with the decorative tacks.

Letter Art [My So Called Crafty Life]
Craft a statement piece that features your last initial with the help of this simple how-to. The tutorial shows you how to mount a galvanized metal letter on a piece of scrap wood—but first, you cover it with the vintage wallpaper of your choice using Mod Podge. 

Cork Lamp [Good Housekeeping]
It really doesn’t get easier than this cute-yet-functional lamp. Grab a lamp at the thrift store (or use one you already have on hand) and a roll of peel-and-stick cork. Cut the cork to match the size of your lamp, making sure you leave a hole in the back for the cord, and then simply wrap the cork around the lamp. You can post photos and notes on the lamp using tacks.

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