DIY-able Centerpieces for Spring and Summer

April 24, 2020

Now that the warmer weather has arrived, you’re probably craving sunshine all the time! Even when Mother Nature won’t oblige with sunny skies, you can still brighten up your home with a seasonable table centerpiece. Try DIYing one of these cute crafts. 

Citrus Slice Centerpiece [HGTV]
Citrus fruits are the stars of many spring dishes, so why not let them take center stage on your dinner table, too? You’ll need two glass vases (one eight-inch and one 10-inch) for this project, as well as four pieces of your favorite citrus fruit. Whether you choose lemons, limes, or oranges, the next step is simple. Slice them up and tuck them into the space between the two vases to create a colorful lining. Then fill the center vase with greenery and flowers.

Doily Mason Jar Centerpiece [Yellow Bliss Road]
If you love the sweet, classic look of a mason jar, this DIY project will suit your tastes. It takes a mason jar and adds a couple of simple accents to bring some contemporary flair. Grab a few mason jars and doilies that are comparable in width to the height of the mason jar. Then use twine (and maybe a bit of craft glue) to wrap the doilies around the jars, tying the twine in a simple bow. Add fresh or faux flora as the final touch.

Tall Tulip Vase Centerpiece [Faeries & Fauna]
Nothing says spring like fresh tulips! If you’re looking for a unique way to arrange yours, try this DIY. Start with a large hurricane vase tall enough to contain your chosen tulips (fresh or faux, the choice is yours). Fill the bottom with small pebbles or larger stones from the craft store, then add a few inches of water. Cut the stems of the tulips to varying heights, then tuck them in between the pebbles, allowing them to lean up against the edges of the vase.

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