How to Redecorate Your Living Room for Better Energy

April 17, 2020

Feng shui is more than just an interior design approach. It’s more about bringing good energy to a space than decorating in a particular way. But aesthetic beauty and mood-boosting vibes do tend to go hand in hand, which is why you should apply these principles of feng shui to your own home.

  1. Add greenery. You don’t really need to have a background in feng shui to know that houseplants tend to energize a space. There’s something about bringing a bit of Mother Nature indoors that really rejuvenates a room. For this reason, go heavy on the houseplants and fresh flowers in your living room.
  2. Group furniture for flow. A living room is named for its purpose! It’s meant to be lived in—and that includes, of course, conversation. Make sure your space allows for a natural flow of conversation by grouping pieces of furniture together, like chairs around the sofa or loveseat. You can also group small tables, knick-knacks, and even pieces like ottomans to help keep the energy moving, as well.
  3. Get rid of the clutter. No matter how much time you spend redecorating, it will all be for nothing if you allow too much stuff to pervade your space. Feng shui favors minimalism over clutter, so make sure you tidy up regularly and get rid of any odds and ends that aren’t serving a purpose—either practically or aesthetically. 
  4. Opt for meaningful accents. One way to minimize clutter is to take inventory of all of your decor and keep only the extra accents that really mean something to you. Save anything you picked up on a trip or received from a friend or family member. Feel free to donate the more generic pieces.

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