Spring Meals You Can Cook in the Crockpot

May 22, 2020

Many people think of the slow cooker as a seasonal kitchen tool that comes out for the fall and winter, then goes into hibernation when spring rolls around. These spring-centric crockpot recipes might have you thinking differently.

Slow-Cooker BBQ Chicken [Natasha’s Kitchen]
When the warmer weather arrives, barbecue might be all you think about. After all, it’s a quintessential genre of picnic cuisine. This shredded barbecue chicken is perfect for stuffing inside of your favorite potato rolls or brioche buns, and it’s ridiculously easy to make. Just toss chicken breasts into the slow cooker with store-bought barbecue sauce and a handful of other ingredients, let it cook, and start shredding!

Crockpot Quinoa Chicken Primavera [Pinch of Yum]
Looking for a way to pack in the spring veggies? This chicken primavera features fresh asparagus, frozen peas, and a medley of herbs, including parsley and chives. Chicken and quinoa bring plenty of protein to the dish! You start by cooking these main ingredients in the crockpot, and then simply add peas, pesto, a dash of lemon juice, and, finally, the asparagus and herbs. Feel free to dust the risotto-like dish with parmesan or Asiago cheese for the final flourish.

Slow-Cooker Spring Rice Pilaf [Betty Crocker]
This dish skips the meat in favor of an entirely vegetarian ingredient list. Rice forms the foundation of this springtime pilaf, which is also loaded with matchstick carrots, sweet peas, red bell pepper, and slivered almonds. You start by combining the rice with onion and salt on the stove, then add the broth and throw it into the crockpot. Wait until about 15 minutes before serving to add the peas and bell pepper so they don’t over-cook.

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