How to Spend More Time Outdoors (Even If You’re Not Outdoorsy)

July 28, 2020

Right now, getting outside is one of the safest ways to spend some time away from your apartment. There’s just one problem: not everyone is interested in hiking or going for a run. If you’re more of an indoor person, here are a few traditionally indoorsy activities that you can take outside.

  1. Read a book. Instead of curling up on the couch with a good book, take your next literary adventure outside. Bring a blanket or a beach chair to your favorite local park and find a nice shady spot beneath a tree. Then get lost in the world housed within its pages—you might forget you’re even outside.
  2. Have dinner at a park. The traditional picnic tends to be a hit even with the less-outdoorsy demographic. There’s just something about enjoying a full meal in the fresh air that feels a little special. You don’t have to go crazy with food prep or planning, either. Pack up some sandwiches, bottled beverages, and a blanket, and head out for lunch or dinner in the sun.
  3. Play board games. Who says game night has to happen at home? Get out of the house to enjoy your favorite board game. If you’re in the mood for something old school, pack up Monopoly, Clue, or Guess Who. Looking for something a little more interactive and modern? Try Cards Against Humanity or Apples to Apples. It really doesn’t matter which game you pick, as long as you have fun!
  4. Stargaze or sunset-gaze. Okay, so this one isn’t technically an indoor activity. But it’s pretty low-key, even for someone who’s not usually outdoorsy. It only requires a blanket and a good spot for viewing the sky. Lay out beneath the night sky and watch the stars sparkle above, or get out a little bit early to see the sun slowly dip beneath the horizon. Bonus points if you bring something bubbly to toast with and make it a date night.

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