The Art of Planning a Picnic

August 13, 2020

It’s picnic season! Chances are you already have a favorite park nearby where you love to go for walks and catch some rays. Now’s the time to also make it your go-to picnic spot! Before you and your family step out for a meal in the fresh air, get everything together for your dreamy day in the sunshine.

  1. Start with the menu. The menu is arguably the most important part of your picnic, and how simple or fancy you go is totally up to you. Maybe you’re more interested in the fresh air than the food—in this case, a few sandwiches, snacks, and bottles of water should work. But if you really want to create a culinary experience, create a full feast. That includes appetizers, entrees, salads and sides, and, of course, beverages. Batch drinks like lemonade or sangria are perfect for picnics.
  2. Store everything carefully with food safety in mind. Once you have the components of your picnic spread all prepped and ready to go, get them packed up. Use an insulated bag for cold items and include ice or ice packs to make sure they stay at a safe temperature, even in the warm sun. If you have hot items, you’ll want to store those separately and preferably in another insulated container.
  3. Design a stylish setup. You probably want your picnic to look as good as it tastes, so spend some time designing the layout. Pick a blanket with a colorful print and match it to summery sets of plates and utensils (disposable or not). Consider adding a few pieces just for flair, like a few flowers in a mason jar.
  4. Add an activity. Eating will only take so long, and you’re probably happy to spend some time out in the fresh air! So extend your outing by including a post-meal activity, like a hike or a lawn game. You can even bring along your favorite board game and play it on the picnic blanket.

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