Pro Tips to Boost Your WFH Productivity

October 9, 2020

Maybe when you first started working from home a few months ago, you thought it was a temporary situation—but things have changed, and you’re having a hard time staying focused. Or perhaps you’ve always worked from home, and you’re just hitting that cold-weather wall. Either way, these expert ideas will help you to boost your WFH productivity.

  1. Set aside a designated workspace. WFCouch or -Bed might seem like a nice comfy idea at first, but it’s hard to really get in the groove when you’re not sitting at a desk. That desk should be situated somewhere without too many distractions, whether that’s a spare bedroom or a corner of the dining room. As long as you have an area dedicated strictly to work, it’ll help you get into the right mindset for productivity.
  2. Get dressed. Again, it might be hard to convince yourself to get out of your PJs when you don’t have any Zoom calls lined up for the morning, but you should make an effort to do it anyway. By getting dressed in comfy business-casual clothes, you’re signaling the start of your workday—and your brain will take notice.
  3. Keep office hours. When your home also becomes your office, you might be tempted to answer emails and take calls after hours. This makes it really difficult to stay productive during the day because you begin it burnt out from the day before. Set strict office hours and commit to logging out at the end of the workday.
  4. Allow for breaks. Think about your average day in the traditional office. It probably involved coffee breaks, some water cooler chat, maybe even a quick spin around the block every now and then. Why should working from home be any different? Be intentional about carving out time for five- or 10-minute breaks throughout your day, including some time chatting socially with a coworker to stay connected.

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