The Trendiest Houseplants Your Apartment Is Missing

October 23, 2020

The best part about having an indoor garden is that the seasons only have a minimal effect on your growing season. Whether you have a green thumb or you’re still brushing up on your plant-tending skills, these trendy houseplants are deserving of a spot on your shelf or sill.

  1. Monstera. Its full name is the monstera deliciosa, which is pretty fitting given the fact that is broad green leaves look like Swiss cheese. They’re mottled with small holes, earning the popular houseplant the nickname “Swiss cheese plant.” The monstera is not a newcomer to the houseplant scene, but in a clean, modern planter it’ll add a touch of style to your current garden.
  2. Calathea. For an unexpected pop of color in your garden, you really can’t go wrong with the calathea rattlesnake. Its crinkle-cut green leaves are tinged with a vibrant purple hue that almost looks like it was carefully painted on by an artist. This plant works well mixed in with other modern-looking greenery, but it can also bring just a dash of whimsy to a more muted collection of houseplants.
  3. Snake plant. Interested in something a little more classic—but still on-trend? Cue the snake plant. With its long, thin leaves and easy maintenance routine, it’s no wonder why this cute plant remains a hit among gardening enthusiasts.
  4. String of hearts. You’ve probably heard of the string of pearls, but how about the string of hearts? Like its sister species, the string of hearts features long, flowing vines filled with vibrant green leaves. The major difference is that these leaves are shaped like—you guessed it—hearts. It’s a sweet accent to round out any home garden, even one that’s filled with mostly traditional plants.

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