Ways to Stay Active All Winter Long

November 2, 2020

In the summer and early fall, it’s easy to stay active. The warm, sunny weather makes going outside for a walk or a run particularly appealing—especially if you’ve been mostly staying at home for the past few months. But as the temperatures start to drop and the daylight hours decrease, you might find yourself less motivated to exercise, which could negatively affect both your health and your mood. Stay in solid shape this winter with the help of these ideas.

  1. Work out online. You don’t have to leave the apartment for the fitness studio experience! A wide variety of workouts can now be found online. For instance, Alo Moves offers Pilates and yoga workouts that change on a weekly basis for just $20 a month, while P.Volve specializes in high-intensity, low-impact routines ($135/year). You might also be able to stream classes from your local yoga studio or gym right now!
  2. Invest in a spin bike. Maybe you’ve noticed a sudden uptick in social media posts from friends who’ve taken the plunge and purchased a Peloton. The spin bike brings live and recorded classes right into users’ homes, but it is pricey. If you want a more affordable option, you can always buy a cheaper stationary bike and just subscribe to the Peloton classes for $39 per month, which is similar to the price of a gym membership.
  3. Head out for a run. Just because it’s getting chilly doesn’t mean an outdoor workout is totally out of the question! If you have the proper gear, you can stay warm even when running outside. Invest in sweat-wicking pieces like these, and don’t forget accessories like a hat, gloves, and warm socks.
  4. Get back to the gym. If you’re comfortable returning to the gym—assuming your regular gym has reopened for business—it’s worth looking into your options. Check out the steps that your fitness center is taking to keep guests safe, and consider private instruction if you’re not quite ready to hit the treadmill in the common area just yet.
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