Belated New Year’s Resolutions You Can Start Today

January 4, 2021

At the stroke of midnight on January 1st, maybe you committed to a New Year’s resolution—or maybe you didn’t have anything in mind just yet. But just because you’re a little bit behind doesn’t mean you should forget about a resolution all together! You can still start these creative resolutions today.

  1. Read a new book each month. If you spent most of your 2020 online, make 2021 the year that you finally go offline—at least before bedtime. Start by picking just one book to read every night. You could browse the list of NY Times bestsellers or check out what’s trending on Amazon. Or simply ask a friend for their suggestions! Download a new book to start tonight.
  2. Make 10 new pen pals. Snail mail came back into fashion last year, and writing letters is a trend everyone should be able to get behind. In 2021, commit to sending 10 handwritten notes over the course of the year. Send your first one out today to someone who could use a pick-me-up, whether it’s a family member or an acquaintance. Then set reminders on your phone to send more mail throughout the eyar.
  3. Scale back your social media use. “Doom-scrolling” is a term that was, unfortunately, coined in 2020. If you’re guilty of doing it on Instagram, Facebook, and other social media platforms, take a step back this year. It might not be a huge step, like deactivating all your accounts. But you could choose to delete the apps from your phone today or take a month-long break by temporarily disabling your accounts. Whatever you choose, make sure it’s enough to really give you a break from the noise and focus more on mindfulness.

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