At-Home Date Ideas to Try This Weekend

April 23, 2021

While things are slowly starting to return to normal, many people are choosing to continue to avoid crowds as much as possible by remaining in the safety of their homes. That doesn’t mean, however, that you can’t have a memorable date night! While nothing can replace the energy and novelty of a restaurant, concert, or other public event or outing, these at-home date-night ideas come pretty close. Read on for three ideas to try this weekend!

Make your own terrariums. Get your hands dirty—and share some laughs in the process—by planting your own terrariums. Start by assembling your materials: Order some terrarium plants, potting soil, activated charcoal, sheet moss, and a few other supplies, and then get planting! You can nestle the plants into a clear jar or vessel that you already own, or find one at a craft store or flea market.

Primp and pamper. Forgo the spa for an at-home spa day that’s just as rejuvenating—and much more affordable! You can start by treating each other to a massage or a mani-pedi, then try crafting your own body and facial scrubs. You’ll find lots of DIY body treatment recipes on Pinterest.

Have a game night. In today’s digitally connected world, playing an old-fashioned board game is a great way to surrender your phones, tablets, and laptops in favor of some friendly competition, old-school style. Break out Monopoly or Candy Land, or challenge your S.O. to a round of Poker or Twister.

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