Summer Safety Tips for Pet Owners

June 11, 2021

With summery temperatures already moving in, it’s a great time for pet parents to brush up on warm-weather safety. Follow these guidelines for a safe summer with your furry friend.

  1. Balance shade and sunshine. Pets still need plenty of exercise during the summer months—but they also require a bit of extra care. Make sure you get outside earlier or later in the day, when it’s cooler, and find a space that has some shade. Don’t forget to provide plenty of water, too.
  2. Help your pup cool down. If you follow the previous tips and your dog still comes home panting, treat him to a “pupsicle.” These homemade treats will cool him down from the inside out! You can also drape him in a towel that’s been soaked in cool water.
  3. Never leave your four-legged friend in the car. This one might be a no-brainer, but it bears repeating: Never leave your canine in the car while you run into a store. Even with a window cracked, the summer heat can warm your car to dangerous temperatures in a matter of minutes.

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