The Healthiest Produce to Add to Your Plate This Fall

September 3, 2021

With the arrival of autumn comes an entire slate of new fall produce ready and waiting at the farmers’ market! Here are a few of the healthiest fruits and veggies to eat all fall long.

  1. Kale. Kale isn’t just rich in fiber, which helps with digestion, it’s also rife with vitamin K! Vitamin K helps to maintain strong bones and is important for heart health, so toss some kale into your next smoothie or salad.
  2. Sweet potatoes. Sweet potatoes’ bright orange hue is a clue as to what they contain—beta-carotene, AKA the precursor to vitamin A. Vitamin A is crucial for eye health, making mashed or roasted sweet potatoes a nutritious choice.
  3. Brussels sprouts. Worried about keeping your immune system strong this fall? Get a solid dose of immune-boosting vitamin C from shredded and sauteed or halved and roasted Brussels sprouts. They’re also packed with iron and more of that vitamin K.
  4. Apples. Autumn apples are another excellent source of vitamin C! They also contain something called prebiotic fiber, which feeds the healthy bacteria in your gut—another important factor in keeping your immune system strong!

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