How to Keep Your Pet Supplies Neat and Organized

October 1, 2021

If your pup’s things are starting to take over your apartment, it’s time to get organized. Follow these tips and tricks to keep all of Fido’s stuff in order.

  1. Make use of bins and other storage containers. Containing clutter doesn’t have to be complicated. If you have dog toys lying all around the apartment, simply grab a few large bins and place one in each room. It’ll be easy to scoop everything up at the end of the day (without spending too much time on the chore).
  2. Hang hooks for your walking must-haves. Are you constantly struggling to find your dog’s leash, winter vest, and waste bags? Take the guesswork and frustration out of the pre-walk ritual by hanging a few peel-and-stick hooks by the door and keeping everything handy. Then you won’t have to run around looking for everything while your pup clamors to get outside.
  3. Corral feeding supplies in one spot. Mealtime can get messy with pets, but keeping all of the necessities in one place will minimize that mess. Keep dog food in large clear plastic containers so it stays fresh, and stow them next to your pooch’s food and water bowls in the kitchen for easy access. Don’t forget to put a mat beneath the bowls to catch any spills.

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