How to Style a Cozy Reading Nook in an Apartment

October 8, 2021

‘Tis the season to spend a rainy Sunday afternoon curled up with a good book. If you designate a corner of your apartment to the endeavor, it’ll feel all the more cozy. Here’s how to design your dream reading nook.

  1. Start with a cozy chair (arm or lounge). Obviously, you’ll need somewhere to sit while you soak up the latest best sellers. Your choice really depends on whether you fully intend to fall asleep (that calls for a lounge chair) or whether you’re looking to actually finish a book (in that case, a comfy-but-not-too-comfy arm chair is in order).
  2. Add your favorite houseplants. Breathe some life into your reading nook by incorporating a bit of greenery. If you choose a sunny corner, go with your favorite sunshine-loving flowers. If it’s a shadowy corner, opt for succulents or another plant that will still thrive in lower light.
  3. Create a lit-inspired gallery wall. Now for wall decor! Design a gallery wall that revolves around your top reads. It might include framed book sleeves from your favorite tales, photos of you and a beloved author, or maybe pictures of you and your friends dressed up as your favorite literary characters for an event! Whatever it contains, make the gallery wall your own.

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