There Are So Many Ways to Celebrate This Renowned Holiday!

March 11, 2022

National Pi Day is just a few days away, March 14! Pi may be a famous irrational number, but there is nothing irrational about celebrating it! Even though there are infinitely many irrational numbers, very few of them have infiltrated popular culture—and none in the way that pi has, with memorization competitions, a perfume, and even an eponymous movie. It probably doesn’t hurt either that “pi” sounds like “pie,” making way for an especially tasty mathematical celebration. How about inviting some friends over for a “Pie” party, savory or sweet! You can ask your guests to bring their favorite pie, or, if you really want to get creative, celebrate Pi Day by baking your own pies! Good luck, and remember, the sky’s the limit, or should we say, the “pi’s the limit!

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