How to Make Your Apartment Feel Just Like Home

Decorating a rental comes with its challenges. Your lease probably doesn't allow for any permanent changes, which automatically takes any major overhauls off the table. And since there's a good chance this won't be your forever home, you may be hesitant to pour too much time or energy into decorating. But the fact remains that […]

Feng Shui 101: Decorating Tips You Need to Know

Feng shui is an ancient Chinese approach to decorating that focuses less on what is seen and more on what is unseen. That is, instead of agonizing over how a space looks, those who tout feng shui say you should focus on the energy that your furnishings and decor create. Feng-shui-ing your space may be […]

4 Houseplants That Help Purify Indoor Air

Do you ever wonder about the quality of the air in your home? Perhaps you've thought of it, in passing, but you're not quite concerned enough to install an expensive air filtration system. There's an all-natural alternative that will only cost you a few dollars: a houseplant. Many houseplants naturally purify the air around them […]

Work From Home? Here’s How to Set Up a Functional Home Office

Working from home obviously has its perks. You don't have to deal with rush-hour traffic. You can attend important meetings in your pajamas. You don't need to worry about commuting in bad weather. But it also has its drawbacks. It's much easier to get distracted and lose motivation at home. That's why you should have […]

How to Style the Soothing Bedroom of Your Dreams

Your bedroom should be your sanctuary, an escape from the pace of the outside world. If this isn't the case yet, it's time to make some changes. With a few simple tweaks, you can transform your bedroom into a calming oasis. Here's how. Amp up your bedding. There are lots of areas in your budget […]

How to Find Your Perfect Roommate Match

Searching for a roommate can be a stressful process. Unless you already have a family member or friend in mind who you know will be a good fit, you'll have to sift through acquaintances — or even strangers — to find your new roomie. This isn't an insurmountable task, though, if you come prepared. Here […]

How to Extend the Lifespan of Freshly Cut Flowers

Even if you and your significant other aren't usually into gifting, Valentine's Day is the time to splurge. A beautiful bouquet of flowers on your desk at work or dining room table at home will instantly brighten your V-Day. If you want the flowers to brighten many days after February 14th, here's how to keep […]

How to Show Your Apartment Some Love With DIY Valentine’s Day Decor

With Valentine's Day right around the corner, you probably already have your date night plans set and an outfit picked out. But have you thought about how you're going to dress up your apartment for the holiday? Here are a few quick DIY decorations you can throw together before V-Day. Mason Jar Glitter Votives [Mason […]

Super Bowl Recipes for a Delicious Game Day

Super Bowl LII is fast approaching. Only a few weekends stand between you and that over-the-top half-time show, those star-studded commercials, and the game, of course. But everyone knows the outcome of the game isn't really as important as the snacks you enjoyed while watching it unfold. Start snack-planning for February 4th, and put a […]

Closet Organizing Tips Every Renter Should Know

It may be hard to believe right now, but spring will be here before you know it. With it comes warmer temperatures, of course, but also the dread task of spring cleaning. Get a headstart by tackling just your closet this winter. With these straightforward closet-organizing tips, you should have no trouble revamping your storage […]