Fun Ideas On How to Spend a Snow Day

When the weather calls for a day full of snowfall, you can simultaneously hear the joy of  kids and groans of their parents. Before your kids drive you crazy, try out these ideas to entertain them for the entire day.  Make a snow fort, find those beach toys to use as tools for creating incredible […]

Beating the Winter Blues

If the short days, chilly mornings, and early evenings are getting you down- you are not the only one. It is not out of the ordinary to experience some fogginess, fatigue, sadness, and maybe even changes in sleep patterns during the winter season. However, no one wants to feel that way. Practice some self-care and […]

A Morning Routine is the Best Way to Start Your Day!

It’s no surprise that successful people have routines. We all benefit from some structure in our lives, and a morning routine is a great way to start the day on the right foot.  There are so many ways to create a morning routine. Some people like to go to the gym and get in a […]

Warming Recipes for Busy Winter Weeknights

There’s no better way to end a cold winter’s day than by slipping into some comfy PJs to savor a piping-hot plateful of your favorite comfort food—especially when it’s made from scratch and simple to prepare. Requiring minimal ingredients and time spent in the kitchen, here are three deliciously easy recipes that guarantee to warm […]