Inexpensive Ways to Celebrate Mother’s Day

Coming up on Sunday, May 8th is some people’s favorite holiday- Mother’s Day. For anyone who didn’t know that already, it’s probably because you already celebrate Mother’s Day every day! Here are a few ideas on how to celebrate and thank your mother for all of the hard work she does day in and day […]

Best Ways to Celebrate Cinco De Mayo

Every May 5th, we celebrate Cinco de Mayo! The celebration of Mexico’s victory over the French during the French-Mexican war in 1862. Cinco de Mayo is celebrated through parades, festivals, folk dancing, fiestas, and food. But, one of the best ways to celebrate the holiday is to honor Mexican culture, community, and traditions. Explore a few ways […]

National Honesty Day

There is always a good reason to celebrate every single day! On April 30th, celebrate National Honesty Day.  National Honesty Day is a day all about focusing on your words. Telling the whole truth and nothing but the truth! Talking in complete candor. Being on the up and up. Prattling without pretense.  Sure, we have all […]

Caring for Your Indoor Plants is So Gratifying

Trying to turn your home into an indoor plant oasis? After your Spring cleaning is done, this season is the perfect time to focus on those perfect oxygen-producing roommates of yours. To ensure they are happy and will thrive in time for their growing season, be sure to check on a few little things that […]

Klingbeil Lifestyle- Earth Day

Best Ways to Celebrate Earth Day  While we should be kind to our planet every single day of the year, Earth Day is a special reminder to really pay attention to taking care of our planet.  Earth Day is recognized as the largest secular holiday in the world. For anyone looking for ways to be […]

These Kid-Friendly DIYs Encourage Outdoor Play

Looking for ways to keep your little ones entertained this summer? Here are a few crafts that will be fun to do as a family—and the resulting toys will get everyone outside! “Popsicle” chalk. Popsicles are the perfect afternoon treat on a hot summer’s day, but did you know they can also be an activity? That […]

How to Have Fun During Spring Break with the Entire Family  

One of the best times of the school year is fast approaching- spring break. The best thing to do is discover some ideas that will be fun for the entire family to do together.  The obvious idea is to travel! From a beach getaway to our nation’s capital, or even escaping to a snowy mountain-top. […]

Say Hello To a New Season, with New Decor

Outside, the weather is changing. The temperatures are rising and the trees are a beautiful green color. When the outdoors are getting an aesthetic transformation, so should our inside spaces. Let’s discover some amazing decorating ideas to bring that new spring feeling from the outdoors to the indoors.  First, and maybe the most obvious, is […]

Spring Activities for All!

Need a kickstart for some spring activities? Look no further! Real Simple’s guide to 50 fun spring activities has arrived and is packed full of fun. Print it out or keep it on your phone for easy access. For the kids and for the kids at heart, this list covers great adventures or just taking a walk […]

There Are So Many Ways to Celebrate This Renowned Holiday!

National Pi Day is just a few days away, March 14! Pi may be a famous irrational number, but there is nothing irrational about celebrating it! Even though there are infinitely many irrational numbers, very few of them have infiltrated popular culture—and none in the way that pi has, with memorization competitions, a perfume, and even an eponymous movie. […]