It’s Okay to Eat With Your Hands at Red Crab House

February 15, 2019

Newly opened Red Crab House pays homage to the classic seafood boils of New Orleans with its authentic cuisine. Build-your-own seafood feasts serve as the cornerstone of the menu, steamed and served in plastic bags—so expect to get your hands dirty when you decide to eat here!

Step one of designing your seafood boil: pick the type of seafood. Blue crab, black mussels, and crawfish are just a few of your options. Regardless of which seafood you choose, it will come with a foundation of corn and potatoes. Next, select your seasoning. Red Crab house offers classic Cajun, garlic butter, chili, and a signature Red Crab Special house blend. Finally, tweak the dish to meet your heat preferences. From mild to extra hot, the chef will accommodate your tastes. Then get ready to dig into the freshly caught seafood at Red Crab House.

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