Nothing Bundt Cakes Is Now Open in Silver Spring

March 1, 2019

Nothing Bundt Cakes puts a modern spin on a classic cake. In addition to traditional bundt cakes, the bakery also offers bite-sized “Bundtinis,” cupcake-sized “Bundlets,” and a handful of other novelties. An outpost of Nothing Bundt Cakes just opened in Silver Spring in January, granting you easy access to the specialty treats.

Pick the size of your sweet snack and then choose a flavor. The bakers at Nothing Bundt Cakes create a mix of classic and unique options, from the chocolate-chocolate chip and vanilla to birthday confetti, white chocolate raspberry, and pecan praline. Each treat bears the signature creamy white frosting, either in a fluffy poof on top of the pint-sized treat or spiraling out into spokes that descend the sides of the larger cakes. You can grab a Bundtini as an afternoon snack or order a customized cake for a special occasion.

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